Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jameel & his blogging team doing incredible job

See Jameel's Muqata blog, especially for today's live-blogging--complete with parodies, cartoons, videos, & links (some downright scary)--of the Gaza War from the ground in Israel. From today's post:

2:55 PM For those of you who wish to say Tehillim/Pray for the full recovery of our wounded soldiers, the following is a recent list of IDF soldiers wounded in action in Gaza.

Noam ben Elza - leg was amputated as a result of a mortar in Nachal Oz a month ago. Doctors fighting these days to save his other leg

Li'el Hoshea ben Miriam - critically wounded -- head trauma

Nerya ben Rivka - seriously wounded -- head trauma

Yitzchak ben Na'ava - moderately wounded in his shoulder

Netan'el ben Na'ava - moderately wounded by shrapnel in his leg

Maxim ben Olga - lightly wounded in his leg - doctors operating to remove shrapnel

Yisrael ben Ilana - lightly wounded by shrapnel

Yo'ad Ido ben Freida Rivka - lightly wounded by shrapnel

Idan ben Leora - lightly wounded by shrapnel

Nadav ben Miriam - lightly wounded by shrapnel

Dvir ben Leah -- seriously wounded.

Ben ben Netiva -- critically wounded, entering surgery now (3 PM)

Refael ben Dinah

May they all have a complete recovery among the wounded and sick of Israel."

I'm heading over to Aussie Dave's Israellycool blog for more live updates, then to Jack's Random Thoughts blog for links to other coverage & commentary.


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